The Smiley Face Game

The smiley face.  Created simply out of two punctuation marks.  A semi colon and closing parenthesis.  That’s it, it’s that simple.  Used to symbolize happiness, as most would think.  I say bullshit.  These two punctuation symbols placed one after another mean so much more, at least in this world, with technology, to most girls.

When he sends a smiley face it can means so many things.  He likes you.  He’s thinking about you.  He has nothing to say so he sent you an emoticon.  There is never a straight answer to this symbol, therefore you never truly know what the smiley says.

I realized the madness of what this world has come to last night when I updated my status to this character. Most people probably saw this and assumed, “oh she had a good day today,” but no.  These two eyes and a grin meant something completely different.  It was supposed to make him wonder.  Make him think about what I’m doing, who I’m with, what is she so happy about?  Why did she put up that smiley face?

A couple of years ago this would of played out differently.  Instead of sitting gin my bed wondering why I haven’t received a text in three days after spending what I thought was a great weekend with a guy.  I would most likely of already picked up the phone and had a conversation.  Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s more acceptable to play a game.  A series of back and forth turns and twists to try and lure the other person to take the first move and speak to the other.

Wondering what the response to my “statused” smiley face was?  A returned status, with the exact same smiley face.  Fuck games.

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